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Holiday Hustle Episode 1: Christmas in July

Justuno is hosting a four-part webinar series with one episode a month running July through October. Each Holiday Hustle episode will focus on a different key aspect of what merchants need to be doing to prepare for the holidays.

July 27, Episode 1: Christmas in July. The first webinar in the series will feature 9 of our top technology partners giving their three top tips on how to prepare for the holidays early and ensuring your holiday season is as successful as can be.

Aug 24, Episode 2: Paid Ad Strategy & ROAS. Get your acquisition channels dialed in to make sure your campaigns are optimized for peak ROAS and paid ad strategy is united with other channel efforts.

Sept 21, Episode 3: Onsite Optimization & Best Practices for BFCM. As we get closer to the holiday season it’s time to make sure your onsite strategy is ready to support off-site campaigns and best practices for the BFCM weekend--some of these may surprise you!

Oct 12, Episode 4: Last Minute AMA + What to do after before 2022. Ask us anything…about holiday marketing that is. Our tech partners will be back to answer questions about their expertise and we’ll go into a post-purchase strategy for the new year to turn holiday shoppers into repeat customers.